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In fond memory of
Tony Venza
March, 2024

Tony started playing the trumpet in 1942 at the age of 9 here in Monterey.  He would spend his evenings in a shed at the back of the house listening to and then copying Harry James and other trumpeters of the time.  By 16 he was playing professionally with local jazz bands and with the Monterey County Symphony. While stationed in Germany with the Army he played with many local bands.  Even though Tony always had a “day job” he also played professionally in the evenings and weekends with the Herb Miller Band (Glen Miller’s brother) and the John Daly Band and managed the Del Monte Express Band, a rehearsal band, for many years. In addition, Tony’s need to play led him to play with MPC and Hartnell jazz and concert bands and the PG Pops. 

Tony joined the Del Monte Brass in 2023 and was a valued member of the trumpet section until his death in March, 2024.  We will miss him.

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