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Del Monte Brass Calendar 2023

***To change a previous RSVP or to add a new one, please email Lori.***

***To RSVP for several events at once, please use the RSVP form.***

To check current RSVP responses, please go to the Events Page. (read-only)

Tuesday 12/5  - No rehearsal


Wednesday 12/6 - NPS tree lighting

4:15 Move equipment from storage area to front porch

4:40 Call time

5:00-6:30 Performance

6:30 Move equipment back to storage

Dress: black DMB shirts, blue jeans, jacket (Santa hats optional)


Friday 12/8 - Performance at Del Monte Shopping Center

11:00 Load equipment at Herrmann Hall (volunteers appreciated!)

11:30-12:30 Unload and set up at site

12:45 Call time

1:00-2:30 Performance

Dress: black DMB shirts, black pants


Tuesday 12/12 - Regular rehearsal in King Hall (4:30-6)


Friday 12/15 - Summer quarter graduation

9:00 Call time

9:30 Performance

Immediately following ceremony – Lunch in Foundation Cottage (on the base near the library)


Dress: black DMB shirts, black pants


                                                       12/16-1/8 - Winter break


Coming in 2024:

Tuesday 1/9 - Rehearsals resume

Saturday 2/10 - Rotary Club Centennial

Friday 3/29 - Winter quarter graduation

Friday 6/21 - Spring quarter graduation

Friday 9/27 - Summer quarter graduation

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