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Band members who are not members of the military or their spouses and do not already have access to the Naval Postgraduate School base through their employment will need an access card to be able to attend rehearsals and performances at the school.  Please follow the directions below to obtain a card.  You will need to do this well in advance of your first rehearsal as the process can take several weeks.

If you are a continuing member of the band,

you will need to fill out a new application each time your current card is set to expire.

Please leave enough time for processing, as it can sometimes take several weeks even for a renewal.

Step 1

Download the application form.

Step 2

Fill out the form, with special attention to the following:

1. Be sure you have included the requested information regarding documentation.  This will differ depending on your citizenship.  For US citizens, both driver's license and social security number MUST be included.  (The NPS security office will not process applications with only one.)

2. Do not fill in Box 25 (Sponsor's name and phone).

3. It is not necessary to include information about your employment or your work hours (Boxes 26-28).

Step 3

Print the completed form, sign and date it, scan the two page document and send it by email to:

Step 4

It usually takes a few days to process an application.  You will not receive a notification when your card is ready, so it's a good idea to either wait a few days before picking it up or call the security office to be sure it's ready (831-656-3643).  To pick up your card, go to the booth in the small parking lot just inside the Sloat Street gate.  You will not need an access card to enter the base if you let the guard know that you are picking up your card.  Please note that the booth is only open on weekdays from 7:00 to 3:00

and is closed for lunch from 11:30 to noon.


If you have questions or need assistance,

please send us an email.

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